Welcome to Direct TV Information & Updates

October 24, 2007

You can get all kinds of information on Direct TV Information & Updates. We are big fans of Satellite Television. Direct TV’s software and customer service are great. But we’ll discuss more about Direct TVs capabilities on this site. Software updates, system features, as well as special promotions and offers. I like the information Direct TV provides but often it’s hard to locate.

We will specifically be targeting things you can and can’t do with your Direct TV unit. DVR, HD, and yes, we are huge NFL Direct Ticket fans. Have you seen the red zone channel? Wow! It’s Sunday bliss!

We Will go through the specifics of what you can and can’t do with your DTV recievers.  We’ll have an update soon, so be sure to add ouir site to your news feed so you can get, perhaps not always the latest, but great and helpful Direct TV Satellite Information.